dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Ketamine trip report: Your eyes are open

Date: Sept. 30, 2012

Place: Montreal, Canada.

Setting: home alone at my apartment, small, calm and comfortable, with dubstep and drum'n'bass playing.

I woke up on this sunday around noon, feeling pretty grumpy and moody thinking of the events of the last days. I spent the week-end with my brother François at his place but it was quite unpleasant. The list of unfortunate events includes him fighting numerous times with his roommate Robert, then fighting with me for no reason out of frustration, dragging me to a bad party and getting punched in the face at said party.

On the good note, we also had quite our share of good laughs and ketamine. Before I left his place I bought some more, and it was now resting inside the crystal pyramid where I usually store my "unmentionables". I had a bit more than half a vial of the best stuff I came across in a long time. At first I decided to take half of what I had left, but out of the blue I told myself: "fuck it, let's do it all and see what a massive dose feels like", so I emptied the vial on the mirror and separated the whole thing in 3 big lines.

I snorted on them promptly, 1-2-3, then proceeded to get the drug pass my nostrils and go down my throat. I was sitting while snorting and, despites the support of the chair I was sitting on, keeping my balance became quite a challenge. When I decided to stand up, though, it was more than a challenge. I nearly fell off on my ass.

I bursted out laughing as I was doing rotative motions with my arms and hips to try to keep my balance . At first I was overwhelmed with the intensity of the onset so it was quite a difficult task, but I soon realized it was much easier to do when I focused on my movements. I then started to do yoga-like and trippy dance moves on the music that was playing, appreciating the feel of my muscles stretching under my skin and the sensual and relaxing feeling I had going through my whole body.

It soon became to intense for me to dance, so I decided to just sit on the floor. I was rolling over myself and stretching on the floor with my eyes closed, but weirdly I always knew where I was in the apartment, what I was facing, etc., and was correct every time after verification. I felt very grounded in some way, knowing where I was located on this planet, to the point where I had an intuitive knowledge of the geographical latitudes and longitudes of my exact location. It felt strange but also quite comforting.

I managed to get to the bed to let go and appreciate the trippiness of both the music and the drug, rolling over and stretching again while giggling and sighing loudly. After a while, I stopped moving and rested on my stomach while hugging a pillow. I had the strangest feeling, after being still for a moment, that I was "seeing through my eyelids"! I debated if it was possible for a bit, then decided to memorize what I thought I was seeing as much as I could before opening my eyes. Believe it or not, it was real. I was absolutely stunned to realize the only difference between eyes open and eyes closed, was that colors were more vivid and edges of objets were better defined with my eyes open.

I rolled a bit and danced some more, but the trip was almost over then so I took it easy. I had a long, hot shower that seemed to clean both my body and soul, before dressing up in a sexy black nightgown and chinese-style silk bathrobe and ordering some tasty sushis (I felt worn out at that point so I didn't feel like cooking at all.). My man came back home a bit later that night so I spent the rest of my evening relaxing with him, giving each other backrubs and sharing memories.

It was a very enjoyable trip, a good way to end a bad week-end. Even though having such a wooping dose at once can be pretty overwhelming, it was pleasant and I definetely won't hold back anybody who wants to do the same.

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